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Smallville Dodecal Challenge
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The Smallville Dodecal Challenge is a 144-word writing exercise. Topics and characters in challenges and posts should be related to the Smallville TV series.

Topics will be posted as issued, and archived in the Memories Section of the journal. Anyone may join and participate. The topics are ongoing; anyone may select one and submit an entry at any time.

Please limit posts to responses to the 144-word challenges or comments and discussion on the challenges. Other topics may also be used, but all entries must be exactly 144 words in length.

You may post as often as you like, and select any given topic for as many different approaches as you like.

When posting, it is helpful if you refer to the number of the challenge, or restate the challenge topic, at the start of your post.

There may be adult content on this site. Please enter and participate only if you have reached legal age in your jurisdiction. There may also be reference to same-sex relations. If this offends you, please choose another community.
Moderated by: acampbell and fajrdrako

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1. Clark is afraid of something, and someone helps him.

2. There is an accident with a vehicle or piece equipment of machinery. Another character offers to help. The situation comes to either a good or bad resolution.

3. Clark uses his x-ray vision in a public place: the Talon, a store, the bank. No one but Lex notices anything odd.

4: It's a certain holiday or birthday, and one of the Smallville characters is either happy or unhappy about it. Someone else makes them feel either better or worse.

5.Clark is endangered by green kryptonite (we can use the word now!) and is rescued by someone who doesn't understand what is happening.

6. A Smallville character has a task to accomplish that he or she does not really want to do.

7. "A Smallville character (or characters) receives a surprise. A surprise that's either welcome, unwelcome, or both. Describe what happens!"

8. Lex invites Clark to go with him to a night club in Metropolis. Jonathan tells Clark he can't go. What does Clark do?

9. "What Happened?" ("produce" scene from "Metamorphosis")
Dialogue from episode 2, "Metamorphosis," season 1
(scene: Luthor Manor, the room with the Trojan War diorama)

Lex: Save any lives on your way over? Keep this up and you could make a career out of it.

Clark: Just dropping off your produce. Sorry my parents gave you a hard time.

Lex: Aw, if push came to shove, I would've arm-wrestled them for it.

What's the story behind this conversation? Why did Lex decide he wanted produce? How did he try to get it? Why the hard time? What were the specifics? What was the mentioned conversation like? Give us more information on what sparked this exchange

10. An unexpected catastrophe mars Lex's wedding preparations. What is it? Describe and enjoy doing it.

11. Clark learns something about Lara, his biological mother. How does he learn it? What does he learn, or what does he do?

12. Clark discovers that Lex is in peril. Describe his reaction and, if you like, subsequent reaction. This can include (of course) the imminent disaster given us in the season finale, but is not limited to that.
Any kind of peril (serious or frivolous) will do!

13. Someone in Smallville has lost something important. It's up to you whether you want it to be found, but show us who, and what!"
14. Lex decides to get away from it all for a day or two. Maybe alone, maybe not. What does he do?

15. Write something involving Clark and/or Lex and a flower or flowers - real or artificial, gifts or growing wild, in Nell Potter's shop or the Nicodemus plant, or anything else."

16. Someone in Smallville changes an old habit. It can be a good habit or a bad one. Just show us what happens.

17. In which Chloe learns something about Clark that she didn't know before.

18. A Smallville character receives a telephone call, which could be either good news or bad. Another character may be listening."

19. Write about a first kiss, or what leads up to it, or what follows it. You may use any of the Smallville characters.

20. A Smallville character has regrets. Describe.

21. Show us the short "missing scene" of your choice from "Exile," "Phoenix," or "Extinction".
22. A Smallville character (or characters) is (are) looking back on a previous event in continuity (Something that happened in Season 1, Season 2: your choice.). Their understanding, or interpretation of the event, is illuminated in some way by things that have happened since. Show us!"

23.Take a moment from the episode, "Shattered," and continue it.
It could either be the end of a scene, so we write a missing segment, or in the middle of a scene, so we write an AU version (eg, hero!horse clips Lana round the head and kills her....

24.Rewrite a scene from Season Three so far. The rewrite can be major or minor: just make the scene unfold more to your satisfaction than it may have done on the program!

25.Clark's been very busy lately: doing what? Tell us, in 144 words.

26.Make Lex smile, make him laugh. (and gasp, groan, and moan). Give him hugs and make him happy. The world will be a better place."

27. However Chloe may have misused her newly-acquired power in "Truth," it was great fun, and intriguing, seeing everyone forced to be absolutely candid when she confronted them. Show us someone else spilling for Chloe, or give us a continuation or another component of one of the confrontation scenes from the episode, or another encounter with one of the same characters.

28. A Smallville character or characters observes or overhears a scene between two other characters. This can be a scene from an episode or one of your own creation. Describe.

29. A SV character reveals something significant, either to another character or characters, or to the reader.

30. A SV character discovers Clark's secret. How do they react?

31. Clark has made arrangements to meet Lana but he's
late because he was doing something superheroic. He
makes up a new and different excuse. What is it?

32. Clark's first visit to The Daily Planet.

33. Clark and Chloe go shopping at the mall.

34. Clark apologizes to Lex in an usual way. About anything!

35. One SV character comforts another.

36. Lois Lane Gets What She Deserves.

Challenge 37. Describe the first meeting of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor from a different angle, viewpoint, or time. Can be either the meteor shower or the bridge scene.

Challenge 39. Any character(s) or situation from Krypto's (Shelby's) point of view.